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A product launch can happen in three different ways:

  1. You launch a product and nobody hears about it
  2. You launch a product and you get a lot of attention from the market but your product is not well received
  3. You launch a product and you get a lot of attention with raving reviews and an excellent adaption

For your product to go through a metamorphosis from the R&D lab to a best seller you need to get the product launch right in the first place.

We specialise in all areas of a product launch and positioning and can offer the following services:

  • Online launch with Product launch Webcasts, e-campaigns, solution forums, online PR, announcement at social networking sites SE submission, white paper development and link to your website etc.
  • Traditional launch including a launch seminar, exhibition attendance, direct mail followed up by telemarketing, merchandising etc.
  • A combination of the two above options
  • Depending on your product/solution either from the above may be more or less suitable for you.

    As an example: for a vendor that launches a SaaS/Cloud solution it would NOT make much sense to go for an exclusively traditional launch as most of its prospective clients will be looking on the internet.

    A Hardware vendor might prefer the more established Face to Face/traditional product launch option as prospective clients usually want to touch and feel the new product.

    Either way our experience shows that a combination of the two above options across all sales and marketing channels is  the most effective and generates instantaneous sales leads and enquires.

    Please engage with us in a conversation as to which launch mix is most suitable for your product launch, or for more information please browse our Marketing or Market Positioning pages.