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Successful revenue growth is synchronised with a dynamic marketing strategy and well planned branding activities.

We strongly believe that Marketing creates a need or an awareness and Sales satisfies that newly generated interest.

Marketing is about reaching people and opening client doors and capturing their interest and attention.

There is no doubt that relevance marketing is the most powerful marketing methodology available and as marketing experts we are convinced that it is the only tool which makes marketing successful and cost effective for new, niche and even large vendors.

Sending the right message, to the most receptive target group that have a need for exactly your solution, at the right time makes your solution highly interesting - and most relevant - for your prospective buyer.

Once your product is relevant to a prospective client most other steps in the sales cycle are cut out and most of the time you are invited to demo your product straight away – and moving to a pilot/POC takes very little time and convincing effort - and in many cases leading straight to a purchase order.

Our "relevance marketing" solutions include:

  • We set up, run and moderate a sequence of online events including webcasts, pod casts, online seminars and forums for you to the most relevant audience.
  • Be at the right events/exhibitions or seminars – we can represent you there or support you with additional headcount and resources.
  • We execute and manage mail shots to profiled and relevant target groups.
  • Our highly dynamic search engine placement solution ensures that you will not only be found but found by the right people that are actually looking for your type of product, solution or service.
  • Setting correct and relevant pricing for specific geographical and vertical markets.
  • Managing your marketing mix in your channels via partner portals and other relevant and popular partner relation tools.
  • Identifying which of your products/solutions are most relevant in which geographical and/or vertical market.

We can provide our marketing services at competitive prices providing our services on a per day, per week or per month level or in combination with our sales outsourcing solutions.