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While there are several options to show your market presence through intelligent use of the internet, it is undisputed that having a local presence/office is often a key factor for a prospective client when deciding on a new supplier.

We have all seen it. You have the better product, the more suitable solution – even the better price but still you lose the deal to a competitor that has a local presence – that can provide local support and a team that is nearby.

In a Europe that is growing together in economical, legal and political matters, local presence does not necessarily mean that you have to be in the same city or even in the same country. In Europe for example a German or Italian Company considers a vendor that has its team in the UK as “local”.

A vendor from the Middle East, Americas, Africa or Far East should most definitely have a presence in one of the larger European Countries if they want to be taken seriously when trying to win business from European clients.

MultiChannel Technologies has developed four options specifically for ICT vendors, which will assist them in creating a market presence that suits the requirements and budgets of most organisations.

We offer you the following Market presence solution bundles:

Basic European Presence Package

Basic European Presence

  • UK based phone number answered in your name
  • UK based address with your company name
  • Email set up with .eu or – European office front

Any enquiry coming in will be answered in your name, noted and forwarded to you.

From €95 per month

Smart European Presence Package

Smart European Presence

  • Basic European Presence Package Contents
  • Reactive sales enquiry handling
  • 1st line technical support

When an enquiry comes in we answer the phone in your name and handle the enquiry cycle i.e. providing additional information, setting and confirming an appointment, following up an enquiry. We also provide 1st line technical support on your behalf.

From €495 per month

Elite European Presence Package

Elite European Presence

  • Smart European Presence Package Contents
  • Pro active sales lead generation
  • Once a month PR campaign

As well as responding to incoming enquires, we are also pro-actively generating new leads and interest for your market offerings. We also will run a dedicated PR campaign for you every month.

From €995 per month + commission

Platinum European Presence: All Inclusive European Sales & Marketing Office

Platinum European Presence

  • Elite European Presence Package Contents
  • Complete management of sales cycle from enquiry to sales
  • Signing and managing new and existing partner channels
  • Two Marketing campaigns per month
  • Visiting prospective clients and partners on your behalf
  • Dedicated account management

This is the most effective way to create a market presence in Europe. In effect this is your outsourced sales & marketing team.

For more information on our all inclusive sales and marketing service please find more details on the SalesSurge page

From €1750 per month + commission