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We provide a number of direct and indirect Sales solutions to our clients - among others our Smart and Elite Sales service packages.

Our all inclusive service is called SalesSurge.

SalesSurge is at the core of what we do. It is designed to increase your revenue permanently showing real revenue growth within 3-6 months.

SalesSurge is a fully managed, outsourced multi-channel sales and marketing solution that addresses the needs of vendors that require a more permanent vendor presence in the UK but do not have the budget or the strategic direction to set up a manned vendor office on their own.

MultiChannel Technologies provides end-to-end expertise in creating, implementing, executing and managing multi-tactic sales and marketing activities targeting channel partners and/or end users.

SalesSurge helps your organisation focus on its primary sales channels, high value home or core markets and yet picks up additional revenue from a mature Technology adaptor market such as the UK that may otherwise be lost without this low risk expansion option.

What SalesSurge Does

  • Increases your sales revenue short/medium term (depending on the sales cycles of your product/solution)
  • Generates Direct Sales to UK/European B2B clients and optional to B2C clients
  • Development and execution of most relevant and successful sales strategy
  • Delivers outbound customer contact (direct marketing, online, field sales)
  • Provides dedicated Account Management  
  • Wins new Channel Partners for you including Distributors, Integrators, OEM’s, Resellers etc.
  • Generates Face to face or online meetings (such as WebEx etc)
  • Executes regular Marketing & PR campaigns  
  • Provides branded localised Technical Services
  • Increase of your current pipeline
  • Generates sales leads
  • Handles proactively incoming sales leads

When SalesSurge is Applied

  • You wish to boost your next quarter sales revenue
  • You have a new product that you would like to introduce to the market and achieve momentum straight away
  • You wish to expand to the UK/EU market in a professional way but do not have the budget or strategic direction for a fully established own vendor office
  • You wish to enter specific (new to you) vertical or specialist markets
  • You have underperforming channels that need revitalisation and new additional partners
  • You have non satisfactory levels of sales in the UK/EU or globally

Think of SalesSure as hiring your own, experienced technology sales team based in the UK with a UK/EU or global reach - a leading sales outsourcing service.

SalesSurge is designed with affordable start-up and running costs and compensation is depending largely on our performance.

Our demand generation expertise coupled with in house sales, field resources and online marketing channels allow SalesSurge to deliver predictablecontinuous and increasing revenue streams across all sales channels for you.