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We are selling solutions and benefits not just products and features.

A strong technical solution will always be backed up by a competent local technical support service.

We can offer you a highly qualified, UK based technical team that will offer the following services under your brand:

Research & Development

  • Independent product testing, product acceptance feedback, primary and secondary research, benchmarking and reporting
  • Software image creation, configuration and testing
  • Production of roadmaps, white papers and other product management related documentation

Integration & Roll Out

  • Set up and management of pilots/POC's
  • Onsite or remote installations (office, in vehicle and roadside)
  • Hosting & SaaS/Cloud computing related services
  • Integration with legacy software and hardware infrastructure
  • Final configuration, ghosting/ cloning and roll out of the solution
  • Complete Logistical services
  • Product/solution related training
  • Overall Project Management including phased roll outs

Helpdesk and Management

  • UK based software and hardware Helpdesk, offering support for all technical, logistical or service management related requirements
  • Stock management, swap outs, audits, reporting, location tracking & management of spare parts
  • Device repairs
  • Result oriented SLA provision

All these services are highly customisable to meet yours and your clients exact requirements