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Lets clarify one fact from the beginning. We are not a training company.

We do not talk about how to sell – we sell and win business for you.

However due to increasing demand we are happy to coach some of your senior team members (CEO’s, VP’s, Directors etc.) on highly effective proven ways on how to win more business.

We do this in one-to-one sessions or in very small groups.

What is unique about our coaching?

You will only be coached by someone that him or herself is a £10 Million+ Sales Person. We do not expose you to sales theory, to authors of sales books, entertainers, motivators, teachers, university lecturers or even MBA’s.

Only our highest achieving sales people will coach you with proven track record in Technology sales on a level of £10 Million or more.

We believe only such coaches can really pass hands on experience and value to your senior team as only those coaches will have a rich experience and real tactics, actions and strategies that work out there for you.

These sales coaching sessions last between 1-3 days depending on your schedules and goals you wish to achieve.

As these coaches are also our top sellers we need them to sell and not just passing on their wisdom generously.

Therefore these sessions are very limited and do not come cheap.

The coaching session can take place either at your office, a location of your likening or a coaching location of our choice/recommendation.

The sessions are highly individual, customised and matched to pre arranged criteria of what you as a company and/or individual/small group would like to get out of the coaching time.

The participants will not only be more motivated sales people afterwards – but they will be better sales people that know when to hard sell, sneak sell or sell the consulting way. They will have an increased desire to overachieve without losing sight of values such as fairness, honesty and integrity.

Most of all they will sell more and create new and increasing revenue streams for you.