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Whether your main client target is B2B or B2C; it is crucial to know how you want your prospective clients to perceive you and therefore how to position yourself.

In many cases there is a difference on how you perceive yourself and how a prospective client may see you.

An example is the telecom industry.  The typical scenario with telecom companies is that they perceive themselves that they're offering exciting, innovative services that any business would be excited to learn about.  However, the reality is that enterprise organisations and business owners look upon telecom services as just another utility, and the concept of a telecom company to be seen as cutting edge technology is simply absurd to most of their prospective client base. Therefore when they try to position themselves they should focus on topics of reliability, accessibility, ease of use, friendly customer service and cost effectiveness rather than the latest break trough in hardware or software.  

From new and younger vendors to the more mature and established vendors we assist you to create and reach a market positioning that will boost your brand in Europe and increase your revenue potential.

Market Positioning services we provide:

  • Initial Market Positioning report: This is a free of charge service we provide. After we have exchanged NDA’s we will run your product/solution discreetly trough our Market Intelligence Network and produce a report of our findings and feedback. This is a brief report that gives you a good initial understanding where you could accelerate and where you should be cautious in the UK/EU market. This report is entirely free of charge and comes with no commitments on your behalf. The only request we have is that you are opting in to our email based marketing updates.
  • Market Positioning consultancy: While the initial report is a great indicator it is only a basic report and should be treated as such. Our consulting services are the follow on from that report and will cover the complete spectrum of product positioning, product suitability, relevance and branding.

You should use these consultancy services if you:

a.)    Are not sure if you should expand to the European Market

b.)    Would like to understand what the market entry obstacles would be

c.)    Would like to find out more about the competitor landscape in this market

d.)    Would like to get a realistic idea of how to penetrate the market quickly

e.)    Would like to understand which channels are the most appropriate channels for you to work with initially

f.)    Would like to find a reference client/case study client

g.)    Would like to know about the latest market trends and demands and how to position yourself best

The above services will enable you to answer the most pressing questions before product launch and/or market entry, and help you to avoid landing blind in already stormy weather. In aviation terms we are the auto pilot to your market landing.